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v4.1.0 Distribution
  • MRNet 4.1.0 Source (tar.gz)
  • MRNet 4.1.0 Windows Binaries (zip)
  • MRNet 4.1.0 Windows Build (zip)

v4.1.0 Documentation

MRNet v4.1.0

Released on March 2014


  • Decrease in packet transmission latency
  • Improved robustness of shutdown in cases of abnormal termination on CrayXT platforms
  • Removal of race conditions in MRNet startup in backend attach mode
  • Introduction of environmental variables to control timeout delays of both topology update streams and events (MRNET_TOPOLOGY_UPDATE_TIMEOUT_MSEC and MRNET_EVENT_WAIT_TIMEOUT_MSEC respectively)
  • Build system changes for increase robustness
  • Fixed compatibility with later versions of GCC (4.8+)
  • Support for compiling MRNet using the C++ 2011 option in GCC
  • Numerous additional bug fixes and enhancements

v4.0.0 Distribution

v4.0.0 Documentation

MRNet v4.0.0

Released on April 2012


  • New threadsafe version of lightweight back-end library
  • New support for very large arrays
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

Older versions can be found here.