Dyninst 6.1 Download

Release 6.1 Software

Dyninst 6.1
• Dyninst is now licensed under the LGPL 2.1 license
• Major performance improvements in Dyninst generated instrumentation code
• Binary rewriter support for shared libraries
• Improvements to code parsing with stripped binaries
• Full integration with InstructionAPI on x86-based platforms
• Assorted bug fixes
Dyninst 6.0
• Binary rewriting - support for rewriting instrumented shared libraries, static and dynamically linked binaries on Linux/x86 and Linux/x_86_64 platforms
• Support for new platform (Linux/PPC64) and compiler (Microsoft VS 2008)
• Improved code parsing algorithm
• Improved slicing internals
• Support for external Linux debug info
• Web Interface for nightly tests with options for third party input
• Autoconf assisted source builds
• SymtabAPI, StackwalkerAPI, InstructionAPI and DepgraphAPI available as a stand-alone library
• Stability improvements and bug fixes

Unsupported Features

• Save the world is no longer supported