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InstructionAPI 7.0.1
• Bug fix for --prefix argument with configure
InstructionAPI 7.0
• Support for PowerPC platform
• Interface changes for multiple-architecture support
• Full integration with Dyninst
InstructionAPI 1.1
• Improvements in decoding interface
• Significant optimizations (10x faster decodes than in v1.0)
InstructionAPI 1.0
• Simple and portable abstraction of instruction set
• Currently supported on x86 and x86_64 (more architectures coming soon)
• Finds opcode, memory access, register read and write sets of instructions
• Evaluates and updates instructions in a binary code
• Expression bind call
• Integrated with Dyninst by BPatch interface (replaces Bpatch_instruction)

Unsupported Features

Known Bugs
• InstrcutionAPI assumes an immediate operand of an instruction to be unsigned always. Therefore, conversion of signed immediates does not result in sign-extension.

InstructionAPI 1.1 (archived) is available for download here.