MRNet 5.x

v5.0.1 Distribution

MRNet v5.0.1

Released on December 14, 2015


  • Fixed hanging issues with loading of filter functions
  • Lightweight lowfat library should now produce shared object libraries which do not include hard links to dependency libraries.
  • Build system fixes when cross compiling MRNet for other architectures
  • Lightweight infrastructure-bootstrapping infrastructure (LIBI) header dependencies within MRNet removed
  • Numerous additional bug related fixes

v5.0.0 Distribution
  • MRNet 5.0.0 Source (tar.gz)
  • MRNet 5.0.0 Windows Binaries (zip)
  • MRNet 5.0.0 Windows Build (zip)

v5.0.0 Documentation

MRNet v5.0.0

Released on July 2015


  • Support added for ARM64 Linux Platform
  • Extended RSH arguement parsing to support conventional RSH/SSH arguement styles
  • Experimental support for the The lightweight infrastructure-bootstrapping infrastructure (LIBI)
  • Behavior of MRNet's load filter function corrected to return the number of filters succesfully loaded on all nodes
  • Fixed issues with port number selection causing MRNet to crash
  • Numerous additional bug related fixes

Older versions can be found here.