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Dyninst API

Version 8.2

Released August 21, 2014
Improvements from 8.1.2

  • Windows now supports pre-exit and post-exit events
  • Linux now supports pre-syscall and post-syscall events
  • Bug fixes

Distribution Changes
This component is now distributed as part of the larger Dyninst API. This component may still be built independently since our new support for out-of-source builds allows you to easily build your desired subset of components where they're needed.

v8.1.2 Download Links
Source Code Tarball

Version 8.1.2

Released July 2, 2013
Minor bugfix over v8.1.1.

v8.1.1 Download Links
Source Code Tarball

Version 8.1.1

Original release on March 1, 2013 -- Minor bugfix release on March 15, 2013

Improvements from v8.0

  • Users can inject libraries via Process::addLibrary
  • BG/Q scalability improvements

v8.0 Download Links
Source Code Tarball

Version 8.0

Released on November 16, 2012

Improvements from v7.0.1

  • Integration with Dyninst
  • Windows, BG/Q support
  • Improved iRPC interface
  • Process group abstraction
  • Supported operating systems
    • Linux
    • BlueGene/Q
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows