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Symtab 7.0


SymtabAPI 7.0.1
• Fixed bug when using --prefix argument with configure
SymtabAPI 7.0
• Support for rewriting dynamic binaries on PowerPC/32, PowerPC/64 and BlueGene/P platforms
• Support for rewriting statically linked binaries on x86 and x86_64 platforms
• Speed and space optimizations
SymtabAPI 6.1
• Support for modifying constructor and finalizer sections on ELF platforms
• BlueGene/P support
• Library rewriting improvements and bug fixes
SymtabAPI 6.0
• Version number synchronized with Dyninst
• Fully integrated with Dyninst
• Supported on:
• ELF platforms - IA-32, IA-64, x86, x86_64, SPARC
• PE platforms - Windows
• New intuitive abstractions for functions and variables
• Object file rewriting(exe and shared libraries) like adding sections and symbols, writing ELF files
• Stackwalking debug information
• Extended output interface
SymtabAPI 2.1
• Improved binary rewriting support
• Assorted bug fixes
SymtabAPI 2.0
• Support for parsing debug information from object files, including:
• Line information
• Local Variables
• Types
• Dynamic Address Translation system for mapping between absolute address in a process and locations in an object file.
• Exporting symbol data in a portable XML format
• Initial support for binary rewriting capabilities.
• Continued support for Linux/x86, Linux/IA64, Linux/AMD64, Linux/Power, AIX/Power, Solaris/SPARC, Windows/x86, and addition of support for Linux PPC/64.

Unsupported Features
• The SymtabAPI interface has changed from v1.0 and is not backwards compatible.

SymtabAPI 6.1 (archived) is available for download here.