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Dyninst/Paradyn Meeting

April 29-30, 2003




     Talks (PDF)





Directions to the Dyninst/Paradyn

Getting to campus from BWI

  • Get
    onto the 195 West. Take 195W for several miles to 95S.
  • Take
    95 South to the 495 Split.
  • At
    the split, follow the signs for Route 1 (College Park). This will take you
    over and under several other parts of 95/495, and eventually to an off ramp.
  • Head
    south (Right turn) onto Route 1. After about 2 miles, you go over a small
    bridge over a tiny stream, and then you are at the main entrance to campus.
  • Turn
    right into campus (onto Campus Drive).

 Getting to campus from
Dulles International Airport

  • Off
    the Dulles Airport Access Road, take the exit toward
  • Merge
    onto I-495 North towards Baltimore/Bethesda via Exit 18.
  • Take
    the Route 1 (College Park) Exit 25B.
  • Less
    than half a mile down you will reach the main campus entrance intersection.
  • Turn
    right into Campus Drive.

Getting to campus from the south
on Route 1

  • If
    you are coming from DC, you might find it easier just to go north on Route
    1. This does involve a fair bit of traffic, traffic lights and confusion, so
    it not particularly recommended for people from out of town.
  • Coming
    from the south, once you get into College Park, there will be traffic lights
    at Knox Road, College Ave., Rossbourough Drive, and Campus Drive.
  • You
    want to turn in on Campus Drive.  Campus Drive is the northern most
    entrance to campus from Route 1.

Directions to the A.V. Williams

  • Turn
    right immediately after getting onto Campus Drive from Route 1. This
    is Paint Branch Drive.
  • The
    AV Williams building is the second building on your right.
  • The
    best place to park is in the pay lot across the street and to the South of
    AV Williams.
  • If
    you entered from Route 1, you must pass 2 stop signs. Immediately after you
    pass the 2nd stop sign you will see the pay lot on your left.
  • Turn
    left at the end of the lot and into the entrance. Access to the front end of
    the lot is blocked due to construction.
  • The
    AV Williams building is a U shaped 3 & 4 story building. There is a one
    story building (engineering annex building) in the middle of the U.

The Computer Science department is not located in the Computer and
Space Sciences building!

Directions to the Inn and
Conference Center

  • Just
    follow Campus Drive from the main entrance to campus off of Route 1.
  • You
    will go around a traffic circle (get off opposite of where you got on), go
    past the student union on your right, and then go through a long, gentle
    turn to the left.
  • Just
    as this starts to straighten out, Campus Drive turns off to the right. The
    road that continues on ahead is Preinkert Drive. Continue down Campus Drive.
  • The
    Inn and Conference Center is on the right, set off from the rest of the
    buildings on Campus. There should be plenty of signs.


If you get to Adelphi Road or University
Boulevard, you have gone too far.

You can also visit
the Inn and Conference Center's website